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Prisco for 6th week in a row


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Jul 30, 2002
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Pete Prisco that sack of cow $hit, he makes it 6 weeks in a row against the Fins. The walking abortion must just do it to get hate mail from fans. He also picks the Jests to win every week. How about just a little objectivty here. The Bills certainly have a chance Sunday, but even with our injuries we should be able to man handle them. Their D is pathetic, and Bledsoe is a cement footed rock waiting to be sacked and throw picks.
Try to bear in mind that he's picking against the spread. Quite honestly, I don't think I'd pick the Phins to win by more than 4 points either. I think at best this game comes down to a Field Goal.
Don't even go on sportsline. Scum like Prisco feed off of clicks to his articles. Just ignore him. We are probably the only people who read his articles.
Thats not true WCoastFin.

I think PhinPhan's point is being completely lost on everyone. Pete Prisco is picking against the SPREAD. Quite honestly it seems like more than a few people around here don't even know what that means. The spread on the Bills game is 4 points. But with Drew Bledsoe in the game playing as well as he does, you have to think he's at the very least capable of keeping the game close especially with the injuries we've faced.

It would be one thing if Prisco has picked against us STRAIGHT UP for six weeks in a row. But he's picking against the spread. Which means, the last 6 weeks, he's probably about 3-3 in his Phins picks. Thats not terrible. He just happens to think that the Phins are not a team that is good at covering the spread. Thats his opinion.
Well if he has picked against the fins based on the spread the last 6 weeks that means he lost last week as the Broncos were favored, the week before that because the spread was not that wide for Miami, won the game with KC, lost the game with the Jets because the spread wasn't that great, and lost the game with the Colts as the Dolphins covered there as well. Assuming he picked the Dolphins against Detroit, that would make his overall Dolphins record against the spread this season to a resounding 2-4 at best. Not exactly the guru some of you hold him up to be. I say that only because you seem to put stock into his predictions bacause they make you so mad that you come tlak about him here. Just ignore him and he goes away, simple as that.

p.s. since he is 2-4 why even care what he write he obviously doesn't know what he is talking about.
Well, on the flip side (and I hate Pete Prickso as much as anybody) he DID put Miami as #1 on his power poll this week. So at least he is beeing cornered into giving us some love.

Personally I say he can take that love and shove it where the sun don't shine, but thats just me. :p
Prisco's picks don't bother me as much as his stupid articles.(Trading for Ricky isn't worth it, top 50 players, Jets will make the Super Bowl)
Well ur always goin to disagree with somebody...Everyone doesnt have to agree. Obviously he has some sort of wierd Ray Finkle thing against the dolphins or something. Hey i cant remember the last time i thought the raiders would win. I picked the Rams last week. I might have picked against them every game this year!
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