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Prisco the Pr*ck gives us a B+ for Ronnie


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Nov 10, 2003
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Arkansas, USA
2. Miami selects: Ronnie Brown, RB, Auburn Grade

The Dolphins obviously had a need at running back, and Brown topped most team's boards at that position. I prefer Cadillac Williams, but Nick Saban coached against both of them. A good, safe pick. B+

This guys never ceases to amaze me with his Dolphins-bashing. What were we supposed to do? Take a player at a stacked position like WR? Or take a chance on a sexy pick like Aaron Rodgers? We drafted to fill a glaring hole and did it with a great player. What an a$$hole.

Don't worry about Prisco, I hear him every moring on espn 1460 in Jacksonville he just started being on the Frank Frange show in the mornings. He sucks, he can never keep the same opinion, he changes like the wind. Can't wait to hear what he has to say Monday morning, may have to call the show!!!
I never heard of this guy but it's hilarious so many posters here are obsessed with his approval or lack thereof.

Seems like an excellent handicapper to me. If he's given us lousy draft grades recently he was right. I think he's also correct in favoring Caddy over Ronnie.
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