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Pro Football Talk's Rumor Mill Reports...


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May 24, 2002
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Even though the decision has supposedly not been made, several sources have told us that Dolphin receiver Oronde Gadsden will have season ending wrist surgery once the swelling in his wrist subsides. Even though all parties are hoping that the surgery can be avoided, it does not look good for the Big Handed One to continue his season in 2002. Given this information, we here at Profootballtalk are still trying to confirm rumors that former Dolphin receivers Nat Moore and Jimmy Cefalo were recently contacted by theWR-depleted Fins for a possible comeback.[/tt]

I just want to remind you guys that this is Pro Football TALK, not Pro Football WEEKLY. They both have a rumor mill. But whenever I hand over a tidbit from the PFT Rumor Mill onto this board, I always get blasted over how pathetic Pro Football Weekly is and how far off their rumor page always is from reality. The reality is that Pro Football Weekly is the website with a rumor mill that is often way off base. Pro Football TALK is respected by many people, and in my history with them I've seen them break stories weeks, days, and hours in advance of "legitimate" news sites.

A few examples, aside from countless reports of signed contracts that often come a full half day before legitimate news sites have them, are the Daryl Gardener thing which they reported waaaaaayyyy in advance, as well as concerns about the Jets OL. With the Gardener thing they started reporting weeks in advance the very very real possibility of DG being released, along with the fact that they've been "hearing" from their sources about things that DG is doing to really piss off the coaches. The story got stronger as time went on, and they were reporting the release as imminent days before it happened, when other more "reputable" news reporters were calling it a mere possibility and a "wake-up call" for Daryl and whatnot.

And as for the Jets OL right now...well, guess what. Pro Bowler Jason Fabini and Pro Bowler Kevin Mawae, and Pro Bowl Talent Randy Thomas are all playing sh!tty on the Jets offensive line. The so-called strengths of that OL. Wanna know who predicted this? All throughout the offseason PFT reported what Gotham would not report and what Herm Edwards would not tell anyone else...and that is that Jason Fabini (who is looking nothing like his old self out there) has two bum shoulders that the Jets coaches won't acknowledge to the media, and that Randy Thomas' preseason/training camp injury was much more severe than the coaches were letting on, and that Kevin Mawae's shoulder surgery is concerning coaches a lot more than they let on. All these rumor reports grated on Jets fans, of course, who blasted PFT writers in emails often. But guess what. Look whats happening now. The OL of the Jets is attrocious, and JP Machado and Kareem McKenzie aren't the only problems....its Mawae, Fabini, and Thomas as well.

Sorry for this extremely long tirade about PFT's credentials...its just that I'm tired of everytime I report a valid rumor from PFT, the PFW haters always come out in droves and talk about how stupid PFT is and how way off base they always are...etc...when this is really not the case. Fact of the matter is, it remains a very real possibility that Oronde is done for the season, as PFT reports here.
CK in this business, anything is possible...but that's not fair..when I was debating you on the Henry thing in preseason, you had inside sources..:-)
LOL. Well I don't remember PFT coming out with anything about little known Leonard Henry...

I thought rather, that that was just kinda a common sense thing. Plus in similar situations I'd never really ever seen coaches make a play on a rookie that did very little in the preseason games just because they heard from media sources that the coaches have been "impressed" with him during training camp...
that would be a bummer if Gadsden is gone. i think we can expect the team will bring somebody in if he has to have the surgery. that said, i'd love for the team to make Gadsden some kind of good faith offer for next year. i know it might be an iffy business decision, but he's a gamer and this has to be one of the toughest times of his life. i'd like to see the things he has done for this team rewarded.
I'd like to keep Gadsden around at the right price but with the caveat being that we are now actively looking for a starter opposite Chambers, with Gadsden making best use of his enormous talents as a bigtime playmaker in part-time usage...not unlike in 1999 when Dan Marino was tossing all kinds of big plays to Oronde who would just go up and get the ball. As a starter I feel he is not that good.
i see what you're saying, but i also feel like he really hadn't found his groove yet this year. i think it could have been a big year for him (not numbers-wise, but making-plays-wise). by next year, situational use is likely to be best for him.
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