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Profootball Weekly Draft Issue


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Dec 14, 2003
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Rochester, NY
I just received the PFW draft issue in the mail, nothing earth shattering, they have us taking Ronnie Brown. Let me know if anyone is interested in any other info in this issue, I always buy this issue because of the player printouts and also Mel Kipers.

I'm kind of torn. Smith is the hot name now, but a lot can change in three weeks. In the section were it listed team needs, they said we need rb, wr, lb. I can see Edwards, but I just have a bad feeling about Michigan WR's for some reason.
is it the newspaper style or the magazine style??
Newspaper. This is the monthly issue. I have been getting since the early 90's. I feel it has more indept player stats. The player listings has a print out of all the players in the draft, I find it cool after the draft to find info and undrafted FA and I have kept all the older issues from past drafts so in a couple of years I can research FA and read about how they were rated out of college.
I like it also.Im gonna go pick one up before the draft.
The special $20 draft preview book has us taking Aaron Rodgers, with the 49ers taking Smith first.
alopez34 said:
When does Mel's predictions come out?
Mel does an unpdated mock draft every few weeks on espn. You have to be an insider though. He has had us taking R. Brown the past few updates, but the first few he did I think he had us taking A. Smith.
Alex Smith would be worth it at 2. Ronnie Brown simply wouldn't. All three RBs will slide more than people think...
I haven't received Mel's blue book yet, I should any day now.
JAJ - something interesting PFW said about Andrew Walter, they compared him to Drew Bledsoe because of his lack of mobility, I don't think anyone can be as bad as Bledsoe, but that's there take. They also didn't have anything good to say about Campell, but they loved Frye. The rated Smith the top player in the entire draft.
I hope we're all wrong and they do trade down and pick up an extra 2nd and more.
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