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ProFootballWeekly's Phinz/Jets Preview

based on my office pool the phins are 6.5 points favorites...the phins should wins this game and being a jets fan i hate to say that also that i am travelling from NY to see the game I hate saying it even more. The Jets are a few weeks away from gelling and they might be out of the race by that time.
I hope i am wrong though
Where those little check-marks are, those are paper rankings. Why not look at stats, it would be a totalyy different story of that was the case. Flaming idiots.......
Who cares what PFW says...All we gotta do is handle our own and the rest will fall in line...Right now I am more concerned about the Patsies than anyone else.:eek:
Well the checkmarks are based on history I guess. Historically Curtis Martin is a better back than Ricky Williams. Historically I guess they see Vinny T as a better QB than Fiedler (you know, since he just passed Joe Montana on the all-time yardage list and all). The OL they probably hand an accurate toss-up. Historically Coles and Chrebet are statistically better than Chambers and Gadsden (I think).

Where I would disagree with them is I think that Fiedler and Vinny should both be checkmarked, as should CuMart and Ricky...because though historically VT and CM have played better, this year JF and RW are playing better. OL is a tossup. WRs I hand to us. DL, LB, and DBs all get handed to us I'm sorry but the Jets have allowed fvcking like 100 points already and have let the Patriots and Bills take them up and down the field, score tons of points, etc.

Special Teams I'd hand to them though

Let me guess!!! The writer of this article is from New York?? Look at the way he worded the ALL-TIME series between these two teams!! Yeah the JETS have dominated this series of late but appearantly we dominated it before!! I mean even after an 8-game winning streak, they are only ONE up on us!!! JETS SUCK!!!:yell:
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