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Purpose of the Wanny Proof thread!


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May 1, 2002
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First, I guess I need to explain my thread. This thread was not:

A defense of Wanny
Agitation from the past to punish our memories of our beloved team
Analysis of Wanny to prove things were not what they seemed.

The thread was meant to provoke some details about why he was incompetent. The first reponse to the thread really believed I didn't understand why. I understand why in my own mind. I just wanted to know what others could produce as concrete proof in their own assessment.

I think most of what I have read indicates most saw common deficiencies. Some of those were:

he was too nice
he was a poor organizer
he tried to please too many people, then control things too much when he became too insecure.
he was a very very poor talent evaluator
he was more of a coordinator who pretended to understand head coaching
he was stubborn and unwilling to adapt; he put too many of his eggs in certain aspects of his philosophy of football, if he had one

All of these are born out. That was the intent of this thread. I am singing halleluia about the new movement that is the dolphins. Appreciating where we have come from in the past few years helps me appreciate the new direction.

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