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May 24, 2002
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The following is a transcript of Dave Wannstedt's media session following Tuesday's minicamp practice:

OPENING STATEMENT: "Well, we got back into it a little today. We eased into it. It was pretty good. Obviously we had more mental mistakes than what we would normally have. But I think two weeks of non-football, with the addition of all the young players, it was a good day. It was a good start. Everybody was here, everybody worked. At this time of year, in the middle of May, that's probably the most important thing and the most encouraging thing."

Q: What can you say about Robert Baker?

A: "Robert was in great shape, and it was bothering him a little bit. He continued to practice and didn't want to miss any time. He waited until after the last practice was over, had it scoped, and he's back catching balls today. I think that's just a statement of how important this is to Robert. He knows he's got an opportunity, and he knows that he's got to do everything he can, from being here and working to try to make the team."

Q: What did you see from Chris Chambers?

A: "Chris looked good. He caught the ball all last week with the quarterbacks, him and Oronde, and today he came out and did all the individual stuff, which we'll continue to do through this camp and then we'll get him going full speed for the last two camps in June. He was fine today. He looked great. Oronde looked great. Dedric Ward was out here running today. He got cleared to start doing some running, some straight-line stuff. Marcus Spriggs practiced, so it was good."

Q: How much did you look at your rookie quarterbacks (Zak Kustoc from Northwestern and Tim Levcik from Robert Morris) today?

A: "Today was their first day back so we're going to evaluate these guys. This is an important time for them. Fortunately they're both here, which will give them a chance to get a good look and to learn the offense, which will increase their opportunities."

Q: How did Ray Lucas look?

A: "Ray made some plays today. He's doing a nice job, and that's what we expect from him. Ray's in there competing. He's one of those guys that's got the mindset that he's competing to be a starter. If something happens tomorrow, he'll be ready to go. I think our entire team has that confidence concerning Ray."

Q: What would have to happen for one of the rookie quarterbacks to make the team?

A: "Well, they're all going to get an opportunity here in these camps, from the standpoint of 7-on-7 and team. Obviously, let's be honest, we're not going to go into training camp and be able to work five quarterbacks. We know that. Jay and Ray are going to get most of the work. We're going to make a determination between now and when camp starts who we think that third guy is. It's probably going to be determined through these quarterback schools."

Q: What happened to Brock Marion?

A: "Brock was here for the meetings today and then he was excused for personal reasons. He'll be here [Wednesday]."

Q: What do you see from Tim Levcik?

A: "He's got the arm strength. That's not going to be an issue. And he seems to be smart enough. I think the biggest thing with him, even though we're not doing a lot of quarterback-movement things, athletically will he be able to move his feet well enough to do the things he has to do to play in this league. That will be the biggest question with him. It won't be arm strength or throwing the football."

Q: How happy are you to be able to get the workout with Tennessee?

A: "As you all know, I like working against other teams. I think it keeps the level of intensity up during training camp. It gives us, from a coaching standpoint, a lot of new things to look at and talk about. I think it's good for our players to break it up a little bit. So I wanted to work against somebody. We couldn't get anybody to come in here. But Nashville is a short trip. Being that we don't go away for camp, it's kind of nice to get away and get everybody in one place and have a couple days of lockdown and some good work. And it's against a quality team, so I'm glad. It will be very beneficial for both of us."

Q: How has Cade McNown looked to you?

A: "He's just got to get more consistent. He's working and doing everything he possibly can from an effort standpoint. He really is. The guy has been here early and he's staying late. He's really working hard. I'm pleased with that. He's just got to be a little bit more consistent. We'll see what happens."

Q: How does it feel to be working on your [50th] birthday?

A: "Yeah, it is my birthday. I don't feel any different than I did 24 hours ago [laughs]."
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