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QB- C. Ward- Washington St

I am Bane

Feb 2, 2008
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I have been really liking him more and more this year, seeing a good amount of development with this kid. Seems to even have a good head on his shoulders.

Still needs to learn a lot with his feet, lower half & top half together.... but he is improving and dropping some beautifully accurate and timed throws.

Just curious if you have been able to watch much of Cam Ward, and your thoughts on him???
I was just listening to Dane Brugler's podcast at The Athletic and they were talking about Pac 12 QB's and they mentioned Ward.

They said he has come on quite a bit this year and they compared him to David Garrard.

They did mention he has a funky sidearm delivery but that he is danger running the ball and was playing well.

Are the Pac 12 QB's all good or is there just no defense out West?
I like that Van Dyke is having a good bounce back season at Miami. I think he could be a decent NFL back up qb.
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