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Qb?, Wr?, Rb!, Rb!, Rb!


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Mar 26, 2005
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This weekend can't get here fast enough. I just need it to be over & to see what we got to start with (excluding any later trades). As the majority of the news sources, rumor mills, etc, set in & the more & more talk about taking a QB or a WR before a quality RB, I lose it. I definitely like what Saban's done so far but of the three big O spots we need a RB the most. I want to give AJF the benefit of the doubt & say the bit of improvement we saw at the end of the season (the guts), with an improved line & a new RB/Playmaker that we definitely improve. Not to mention we gave up a 2nd Round pick for Feeley, so give him a shot. And for those of you that want the QB picked up so bad, only because you believe RW's coming back, remember he won't be the same & he's still got 4 games he's gotta sit. I for one, like our WR/TE's & again think they improve as well with an improved AJF, bigger & better line & a new RB.

I too believe our best bet is to trade down & still getting one of the top 3 RB's & another pick of course. But please let us use our PICK where we need it the most!!!!!!
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