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Question About Our Offense


The Comeback Kid
Sep 4, 2001
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Moncks Corner, SC
Will our offense have any trick plays or anything like HB toss pass, HB option, reverses, fake reverses or anything similar to that? Kinda like the Mike Martz and Bill Belechick offenses or will we be doing standard run and pass plays? I've heard about new formations such as the Ace set but haven't heard about the plays.


Turner uses a lot of motion and tries to get mismatches like wide receivers on safeties or tight ends on line backers. That is the key to his offense.

As for trick plays. I'm sure he has a few. Everyone does. But trick plays don't win in the long run.
In earlier was mention that McKnight had run some reverses during practice..Norv will keep the preseason pretty vanilla,, so don't expect to see the full gammit of motions and play action that you will see in the regular season.
Norv does reverses. He's not hot on the halfback pass of halfback option though. Ricky Williams is capable of performing HB Passes though (he's thrown for a TD before) so it might be something that Norv thinks about.
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