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question for Belechik...


Don't believe everything you think.
Sep 3, 2001
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Hey, BB, what about the "hex" that the Dolphins have over you down in Miami....You've gotten beat in your last twelve Sept. or Oct. contests and you haven't won down there since 97...would you like to comment on that?.....
''People talk about how this team plays well at home, this team plays well on the road. Well, those are usually good teams. You take a good team and you put them at home or you put them on the road, put them on a frozen field, you can put them wherever you want, they're going to win a lot more games than they're going to lose. If you take a bad team, I don't care if you play at night, in the shade, 98 degrees, you can put them wherever you want, they're not going to win many games. You see those teams 1-0 when the temperature is 30 degrees, when it's 42 degrees, when they win the toss of the coin, when their benches are aluminum, when their benches are wood - I mean, that crap on those press releases, you get that every week. Well, you take a good team and play them against a team that's not as good, my money is on the good team.''

Uhhh yeah.....thanks....I think????:confused: :confused:
how many beers :drinker: did Bill have before this quote :rolleyes:
man..... someone didnt pass high school...

"The good teams win, it dont matter when or where, but they win. Did i mention the good teams win? Because no matter what the chairs are made of..... they win. Did i mention the good teams beat the bad teams? Oh, I did. Well, I just wanted to say that the good teams win" - Bill Belicheck : the best coach in the league

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Dude, it sounds like Bill needs more games in the shade.:rolleyes:

That is the best avatar in the history of avatars. Yes even better than Miad's.
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