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Question marks in this game


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Sep 11, 2002
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First let me say that the refs just weren't calling any holding on the Colts OL. That said, their OL handled our DL with ease. James had all kinds of room to run.
Fletch did play like a rook, but, he was playing against the best. He got two bad calls against him IMO and when Surtain went down, the D as a whole suffered.
Ricky ran with abandon! Jay was great all game with the exception of the INT. That would have been a great play if he didn't overthrow it.
Gadsden played sub-par. A couple of dropped balls.
I have to say, the team really let me down in the second half. WTF is up with Mare missing a FG?
Well I suppose even he can miss. I wouldn't be terribly concerned about the D because even missing a pro bowl caliber CB like Patrick Surtain, we limited the Colts to a total of 13 points. And they only scored 10 points in the 2nd half so its not like they showered us with a storm of completions and touchdowns.

Its hard to evaluate the rush defense in a game like this because the Colts have so many weapons. Against Peyton Manning, passrush is a priority otherwise the man will pick apart the zone like Marino use to. But if passrush is a priority, you can get handled against the run. But EJ was killing us against the run (and if you think about it, always HAS killed us against the run) the DL ended up off balance in my opinion...rendered ineffective by the gaggle of weapons that the Colts had. And yet, even so...13 points. Only 3 points when our starting CBs were both in the game. Fletcher was abused by Marvin Harrison, and he's one of the best (if not the best). He's also got Peyton passing him the ball so that makes him one of the most dangerous WRs in the league.

The refs were making some pretty BS calls and definitely were not calling a LOT of the holding that was going on by the Colts offensive line. BUT then again, Reggie Wayne caught that ball...

This is Jim Bates' defense fellas. Its a bend-dont-break system. Its softer in the middle of the field, and stiffens up in the redzone. 5 trips to the redzone and the Colts only came away with 1 TD. Thats very very good defense. 1st and goal from the 1 yard line, they had 4 straight runs with EDGERRIN JAMES, and we stopped them. Thats SUPERB. So what do we know about the run defense? They are soft at midfield, and rock solid in the redzone. This is a good thing...
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