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Question re: post-game traffic


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Apr 26, 2003
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I am coming down to South Florida for a family reunion the weekend of the Titans game. Since I'm going to be down there, I'd like to catch the game if at all possible, but I'm not sure if the flight schedules will allow it. How long does it take to get from Sun Life Stadium to the Fort Lauderdale airport in post-game traffic? Thanks!
It's god awful. I wouldn't even venture a guess. Just make sure you schedule your flight as late as possible.
Getting out of the stadium is a nightmare. Took me over 30 minutes last year after the Bucs game. Once I get onto the Turnpike it wasn't that bad.
Expect at least an hour of waiting in the outer parking lots (dirt/grass, not within the fenced area of the stadium)

I'd go with maybe 45 minutes-hour since the Titans will be'll still be a huge crowd but not to the extent of, say, a primetime or division game. That all depends, however, on how the team is performing at that point.

The drive from the stadium to Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International is about 10-20 minutes, depending on traffic...just north on the Turnpike towards east 595, it dead ends right at the airport. It'll take longer if you end up on side streets heading towards 95, so try to get on the Turnpike.

I go to every game and it is hell. Just schedule your flight very late.
Forgive me for this being kinda crude, but this is the approximate traffic pattern exiting the stadium postgame

I'm not 100% sure about the north lots (Maroon, Blue)

wayy too crude adam, must be a PSL thing. You must of went to Central LOL
Wow. I've been to a TON of games and I'm in and out of the parking lot lol. Not sure I've ever had to wait an hour. Then again, I drive like an ******* so I'm back on the turnpike headed North back to Lauderdale in 15 minutes. Maybe the longest I've had to stick around in traffic was last season for the Saints game. I didn't get there until almost kickoff. Instead of parking in W-12 I had to park all the way over by Snake Creek which is on the other side of the stadium from where I sit. I guess the block it off after so long and instead of following the turnpike off of 2X to Dan Marino Boulevard you're forced to go straight into the North lot.

Your best bet is to fly down on a Friday morning, check out Lauderdale and Miami Friday and Saturday night. Las Olas, maybe South Beach, Coconut Grove and Mr. Moe's, hit the ale house in Hollywood, do up the game on Sunday and fly back out Monday afternoon. This gives you time to do what I do after every Dolphins game...

Hit Casola's in Miami off of US-1 and SW 17th close to the University of Miami. Best pizza in South Florida.

i agree, our stadium location is ideal for getting in and out of in a hurry. you guys should hit up a game in foxboro sometime rt 1 is a ****ing nightmare. every game i have ever been to ive been in and out in a half hour tops
I should correct myself on one thing here. For Hurricane games, I park in W-12/W-22. For Dolphin games I usually park at Orange 16 off of University. It's a little further to walk but it's not in the main areas of the stadium. It's just across the street so it's not listed on the maps Adam posted. There are several of these lots you can park in. When I park there, I will typically park as close to the back as I can and jet out right at the turnpike. To hell with trying to get out of the East, West, North, or South sections of the stadium lots. Damn people driving all over the grass dividers and everything trying to escape that hell lol.
The latest flight I can get out of FLL is at 6:40 p.m. I figure if the game doesn't go into overtime, that should be OK?
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