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Sep 4, 2001
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Phoenix, AZ
AJ dude you know I like ya and got nothing but good things to say about you as a person.. My wife even likes the site and shes still young in her support of the Dolphins (Yes I do have this affect.. Our daughter is going to be named after one of the Dolphin Vaunted Defense), but dude seriously... Please explain to me this little av here.. Its got me rolling on the floor laughing, my wife laughing and the baby kicking... :monkey: :monkey:
:monkey: :monkey: :monkey: :monkey: :monkey:

No offense to anyone whos taking offense to this but I think this is the funniest av Ive ever seen.:eat:
It's a monkey pissin

on whatever you want him to piss on. Just put the name of who ever or what ever team under the stream and he soaks 'em!:lol: Kinda like those Calvin stickers from Calvin and Hobbes that you see on cars and trucks.:cool:
Thanks for the reply Jay Dogg

I just come back from a break from online and came here to post and saw the monkey av.. I was having a nice laugh out of the whole thing because I thought it was doing something more innappropriate than urinating.. LOL Anyhow thanks again and Go Dolphins!
:lol: :lol: I know what you mean dude, especially when he jerks his hand before he goes. :lol: :lol: and you guys can't say I'm gross either, I didn't put a peeing monkey on here.:goof:
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