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Question's about our Draft 2005


Nov 28, 2004
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Usually when a team drafts players 3 or less are starters for years. I don't know why but all teams that draft players they have 3 outta like 8 9 picks that are solid, the rest get released or play for CFL or Europe. I wonder which 3 will be future starters. I hope Brown Roth and CRowder will be great as for the rest i don't care. I do not know any Nfl team that had a draft and all of their players or most of em were successful. If u do know any i would like to know. thnx

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It would be rare for all the picks to become starters, but I feel pretty good that all six of our picks this year can make the team and contribute. Maybe the exception will be Vickerson, who plays DT, and that postion is getting pretty crowded with Vets.
Some teams have a lot of their draft picks that start, or are at least key reserve players on the team. IMO, no team over the past 9-10 years has done as well as the Baltimore Ravens in the draft. From their 1996 draft alone, they have Jonathen Ogden and Ray Lewis as not only starters, but All-Pro players. Through the years, they have brought in players like Ogden, Lewis, Peter Boulware, Chris McAlister, Ed Reed, Jamal Lewis, Edwin Mulitalo, Todd Heap, and Terrell Suggs through the draft.
i want all of them to make the team cause it seems like all of these players that we drafted are monsters on the field.
Getumboys said:
i want all of them to make the team cause it seems like all of these players that we drafted are monsters on the field.

Of the 2nd day picks, I'd really love for abiliau (sp) the LT to develope fast and anchor that side of the line for years to come..we haven't had stability there since Web left.
There have been great drafts by certain teams in the past, and they are often followed by great success by those teams, The Niners had a draft in the 80's that was really key to their off and on dynasty, I'd have to look it up to tell you the year and players but I remember it well.

I have a gut feeling we will be looking back at this draft of the Dolphins as a turning point and the cornerstone of the success I think is in our future.
Statistically playoff caliber teams reap a 52-54% productive return from their draft....Championship teams reap 56%... teams that only achieve 50% of their draft as productive can look forward to drafting high again the next year.....
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