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questions about our needs


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Oct 30, 2006
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let me say i am not sure which catgory this falls under so mods pleas move if it isnt in the right forum.
my questions are .
#1 how big must a future olb /de really be in order to be sucessful ?
#2 which postions in free agency look strong and look weak ?
#3 will we cut travis minor and joey harrington?
#4 how many players on defense should we draft?
#5 is the tight end position weak in this years draft ?

i am not hearing much about free agent tight ends , fullbacks, and olinemen and i am wondering why we cant address the defense by drafting a olb and dt and then spend 2 f/a on secondary help and oline help. because we have drafted oline and defense and we havent gotten very good results.
the receivers we should keep are (imo)
#1 chambers ,welker and that is it. hagan maybe we move to special teams.
we should relly take a hard look at dewayne jarrett and d'juan woods and the kid from lsu i forgot his name.
#1 chambers ,welker and that is it. hagan maybe we move to special teams.
we should relly take a hard look at dewayne jarrett and d'juan woods and the kid from lsu i forgot his name.

hagan was a rookie, hes going to be fine. putting him just on special teams is a terrible idea, how do you suggest we develop players if we give up on them after their rookie years? having said that i would love to see jarret in a phins uniform.
#1. There's no one magic formula for size where that is concerned but there is most definitely a bit of a guide-posting. Generally you're looking for someone that is over 6'3", and weighs close to, or more than 260 pounds. From there you evaluate on an individual basis who has the right strength at the right weight, who is strong enough despite less weight (like Jason Taylor) or less height (like Lamarr Woodley or Adalius Thomas).

#2. The offensive line, particularly the guard position looks very strong for free agency. Kris Dielman keeps playing chase-me games with San Diego and may end up switching teams. Leonard Davis and Eric Steinbach are cream of the crop guards, both look available. Vince Manuwai is a good guard. Just a very good guard FA class. Cornerback is strong up top with both Samuels and Clements set to switch teams, but very weak after those two. With Adalius Thomas looking to switch teams, an underrated prospect for 3-4 OLB in Bryan Thomas schedule for UFA, guys like Kawika Mitchell, Cato June, Na'il Diggs, Lance Briggs and London Fletcher all scheduled for UFA...linebacker could very well be the best position in FA. Runningback is actually pretty strong, with Ahman Green, Chris Brown, Dominic Rhodes, Adrian Peterson, Nick Goings, and Marcel Shipp leading the way. Vonnie Holliday and Justin Smith lead the DL position...with guys like Hollis Thomas and Ian Scott also likely to draw some interest. Quarterback is very weak this is left tackle. Those positions are weak EVERY year though.

#3. Likely yes, on both counts. Ricky Williams will likely return. Travis Minor may actually be a free agent, come to think of it. He may be re-signed and cut in camp. Joey Harrington is scheduled to make way more than he is worth. He proved with an awful sense of finality that he will never be a valued starting QB in the NFL...which also means he's not a particularly valued backup, as you will find that most of the valuable backups in the NFL are guys that are being groomed for eventual starter, or guys that use to be a lot better than they are but age has taken it's toll.

#4. There really is no telling an answer to this. I will say that if we cannot convince Traylor to come back for another year, then we ought to be drafting one NT and one 3-4 OLB. From there, it is all optional.

#5. The tight end position is not particularly weak this year...but not particularly strong either. It looks to be a very average class, with nobody at the top grabbing people by the boo-boo. Greg Olson is most likely your #1 TE and he's a very good player. Zach Miller is #2 and is also very good. Scott Chandler likely is #3, very gifted blocker, which you'd expect coming from Kirk Ferentz.
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