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Questions for Fins/Packer game


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Mar 8, 2002
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The following are questions should be answered for the game:
1) Where is Desmond Clark ? Why don't we use him more? He is now ready and must know the playbook by now. He was one of the top TE that was the reason we got him while he was injured. Other than one play, he was out of the picture the rest of the game.

2) Why did we bring Robert Baker back ? he is not returning punts, or kicks . He seems to have good hands and speed and you would think they could put him in on some plays since we are using Ward for the returns.

3) What happen to the screens we were using with so much success with Ricky ?
Any opinions ??
Desmond Clark was playing against the Bills, had several thrown to him, and I think 2 catches. He wasn;t out of the picture, just looked that way cause Lucas took EVERYONE out of the picture.

Robert Baker came to be the receiver to take AJ Johnson's spot when he got hurt. Against the Bills he couldn't catch squat. Couldn't get open, he just stunk. Maybe Carter can show him a thing or two.

The screens are being used, but you can't use a good [play too often cause they learn to read it. If anything you do not judge Norv's play calling. Every single play is designed to set up another play. We'll be fine.
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