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Feb 27, 2002
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i was wondering if you could give us any info on if the phins will bring in anymore olinemen to work out and whom ? did the phins offer a sheet to wilkins yet and whom do you think our punter will be ? you as have the scoop which everyone here wishes they had so they could post it .how about also letting us in on whom of the draftees are the phins haveing in for testing and work outs? i live pa so all i get is eagles jets and giants news locally .
i think if they get a nasty line o that is we could go to the big game this year any thoughts or input anyone

The Dolphins have not yet made a formal offer to TERRANCE WILKENS...but they are monitoring his status...through his agent. I know the PACKERS are interested...but as of yet...nothing for WILKENS is on the table from anyone.

The Dolphins want to bring in at least 2 more offensive lineman, Skippy. Who? I think you will see the Dolphins do some bottom-fishing for a veteran OL...after the big cuts...come JUNE 1st. They have already talked to TOM ACKERMAN....and he could be signed in the future. The DOlphins do not feel that there is anyone right now out there...who can come in and make a real impact. It is highly likely the DOlphins will DRAFT an OT/G with the 90th the draft. Then....I really believe that they will look at picking up a veteran in JUNE.

As far as the draft goes....the DOlphins need help on the OL, and will look at LB, and a Pass Rusher. I also look for the Dolphins to draft another TE...and possibly a Punter, and QB.

SKIPPY....I am certainly not a DRAFT far as knowing all the collegiate players....please ask NYFCAT....or just go ahead and get BUSHBAUMS or KIPERS I do.

The names I keep hearing....are all OL.....WEARY, METCALF, and SETH Mckinney....and MARC COLOMBO. There is a guy also named WILLIAMS...from a small school that they just scouted....(sombody help me on that one)..and I will confirm who it was.

The Dolphins are praying that they are rewarded some high...meaning a third or 4th extra comensatory that they can go into the draft with some trading-up get into the second round.


<< Is is Roosevelt Williams from Tuskegee? He is a Williams from a small school but he is a CB. >>

Yes, Roosevelt Williams is from Tuskegee.
He's 5'11, 204, but obviously very raw. He's a similar prospect to Roosevelt Blackmon, who was a 4th round selection from the Packers in '98. Unfortunetly, Blackmon never worked out for them.

The Dolphin scouts recently were amazed when they saw a private workout given by....



This guy supposedly is as strong as an 6'3 336 pounds.

Any info on this he play on an NFL level?

I do you find your way to GARDNER-WEBB? Where is this college?

I have never seen Richard Williams...

I must have missed that Gardner-Webb/Florida showdown!

Richard Williams is an absolute workout freak, and a similar prospect to Leandar Jordan ('00 Panthers 3rd rounder).

Williams and Terrance Metcalf are the names I've heard the most. Wanny/Spielman have hit it big on their 2nd rounders, Wade and Chambers. You can bet the Dolphins got a birds-eye-view of Metcalf when scouting Wade.
Richard Williams Info

This came from a guy name Boomer,so he's the one to thank.Den.

First thing to note is that he is raw. But he has tremendous strength and size. You see him and he is a real wide body, especially below the waist. He has arguably the best upper body strength of any lineman in the draft. His head coach and strength coach swear that he can do 50+ reps at 225lbs, which is phenomenal if true. He wasn't invited to the combine, but apparently during the 39 he did yesterday at the Pro Day, it was said that he could have gone on, but wanted to make sure that he beat all juniors and seniors in the 2002 draft class, which he did.

He started the past two years mainly at left tackle, but his lack of speed - 5.4 in the forty - will mean him switching inside. He did however only allow one sack since his switch from DT where he began his career. A point of note from the University itself, their SID e-mailed me to say that in the 11 games he started as a junior, Williams didn't allow one sack and had no holding penalties called against him. He played 418 snaps that season apparently, which is pretty impressive.

I saw him play in the Blue Gray Game, where he played LT. He struggled at times with speedy rushers and as the game wore on, he got pretty sloppy in his technique. When he locked on as a run blocker he's excellent and really gets ahead of steam, moving DT's back four and five yards from the line on a consistent basis. Like Ed Ta'amu, he doesn't finish as well as you would like for a big man - you'd like him to really grind a guy into the dirt, but at times he just lets up - at the next level, you let up on a guy and more often than notm the guy makes the tackle.

My worry watching him is his technique - he plays a bit high and he's pretty stiff at times. He loses balance and his head isn't always on the swivel that you'd like. But all the problems he has are coachable. He has a great upside and a decent line coach like Tony Wise could...could do a great job with him. But with a need to open holes in the run game, this is a kid who can open freeways when he's in the mood. Wrong to compare him to Larry Allen, but he could be a player.

I bet we could get him in the third or fourth because I know a lot about the draft and I have never heard of this guy.
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