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Mar 22, 2005
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Hey guys, I know that Ronnie hasn't signed yet and I saw a Ronnie Brown jersey at sawgrass mills mall I was wondering if the jersey has been sent out yet or if this store is punking me. BTW I didnt buy it but really want it so help me out. Thanks.
You can purchase a Ronnie Brown jersey even though he isn't signed... because his rights still belong to Miami, I believe.
I heard that Miamidolphins.com couldn't send them out until he is signed...
Almost everywhere is selling Ronnie Brown jerseys even though he hasn't OFFICIALLY signed yet, but they're still allowed to be sold. I'm going to be picking mine up soon enough! :up:
right but did they get it? Or does it ship out when he signs?
They are now out. I ordered mine a few days after the draft from MiamiDolphins.com, figuring they wouldn't come in until he signed, but they shipped it to me last Tuesday. Here is my jersey:


got to like that Orange jersey with Brown on the back. Kind of an oxymoron like military intellegence, or friendly respectful Jets fan.
i heard ronnie signed some contract allowing them to sell his jerseys, but he has not signed yet.
this sucks... I should have bought it... I live in Boca, a long way from Sawgrass Mills, I was afraid he was gunna wear R. Brown instead of Brown.
Whitedolphin54 said:
Nice one Nublar why not get it in white or aqua:confused:
Reason was I had a Seau in White and Taylor and Thomas in Aqua. The only orange jersey I had was a Ricky one, so I needed one to replace it. :D
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