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Quotes from DJ (mentions Benson)


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Dec 19, 2004
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Craig (Austin): Does it bother you that Mel Kiper states that you avoided some tackles this year. I guess he really didn't watch all your games last year.
Derrick Johnson: I guess he hasn't watched to many games then. Everybody has their own opinion. I know what I can do and I have high expectations for myself.


Matt (Phx, AZ): I'm sure you've had to tackle Benson quite often before. Is he the hardest running back to bring down, or is someone else?
Derrick Johnson: By far the hardest. He is just so explosive. As soon as he gets the ball he can run or juke you out.


Noble (Phoenix, AZ): Can you tackle Vince Young in the open field? LOL!!! How was it playing against him in practice?
Derrick Johnson: Oh, man! That would be very hard! Maybe 4 out of 10 times .. maybe. Most of the time I have to funnel him into the guys around me. He is just so talented. He's soooo hard to tackle. Probably the hardest outside of Cedric.


David: shawnee kansas: Do you consider yourself more of a Strongside or a weakside linebacker? Please come to Kansas city!!!!
Derrick Johnson: More of a weakside. That's what I played in college. I can play all the LB positions though. That's just the versatility I have.


Rocky ((New Waterford)): How do you feel about playing in the 3-4 for Romeo Crennel?
Derrick Johnson: Oh, definately. I can play all the positions. The 3-4 I could play outside as a rush end or inside. I could be a good blitzing LB.
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