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R.Brown T-shirt


Jan 3, 2005
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HighPoint, NC
I think I saw this posted once before, but I wanted to see if anyone had received their R.Brown t-shirt ordered on his website. It has been a LONG time since I ordered mine and I have heard no word on how long it takes. Anyone got theirs yet?:tongue:
Looks like in hindsight I was fortunate in being unable to get the website to work properly when I attempted to purchase one. They definitely looked cool.
I never got mine either and can't find the link.... It's been over a month. Does anyone still have it??
IT has been over a month for me as well. I kinda gave up. I sent a few letters, but got no response. its pretty irritating.
The reason we didn't get the shirts was because they were forced to pull them down due to some copyright infringment issue. Nobody was charged.
I honestly checked those out today. Almost ordered one, but decided against it. Good thing I saw this today. I hope he gets it straigtened out and you guys get your shirts if you were charged. Please let us know what you find out.
I haven't recieved mine as well. I checked on it yesterday on his website, still said sale was pending! Maybe there is a problem with the production? or is he getting it made by a paid endorsee? If he's doing ads for Reebok, maybe they've got something to do with it and or the release of it? They might be redesigning or re-making the shirt wiht their own product(s)? In all it is very strange to have all of those orders & no shirts?
That is a cool shirt would not mind getting one if they were still out???
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