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R. Williams, E. James might be seeking trade to Miami and more...


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Sep 4, 2001
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see http://www.miami.com/herald/content/sports/football/dolphins/digdocs/002896.htm about

As the Dolphins try to kick-start their running game for next season, Ricky Williams of New Orleans and Edgerrin James of Indianapolis might like to lend a hand.

Based on voting by fans, Dolphins middle linebacker Zach Thomas seems to be the only player with a strong likelihood of being named to the AFC Pro Bowl team, which will be announced today.

the strong likelihood is that Dolphins quarterbacks coach Mike Shula will be promoted to offensive coordinator
Alex's take on Chan...

from http://www.sun-sentinel.com/sports/...l-marvezqa.htmlstory?coll=sfla-dolphins-front
Q: Do you think Chan Gailey can give the Dolphins his full attention while juggling the Georgia Tech job, especially at the height of the recruiting season? Won't having a lame-duck coach hurt the Dolphins? Mark Lorenti, Norwalk, CT

A: I have no doubts that Gailey is 100 percent committed to the Dolphins through the rest of the season. Gailey is a good man and a professional who cares deeply for those he's working with. I think Gailey's lame-duck status is secondary to all the other problems going on with the Dolphins' offense.
I remember last year when New Orleans drafted McAllister that Williams said that he wanted to be dealt to the Dolphins. I would like to see James here, as he was a Hurricane.
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