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Dec 13, 2001
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After so many years of watching #13 sling that rock, Miami fans are just spoiled. We will not see his like again. It's just unfair to judge Jay Fiedler by Dan's statndards. Jay doesn't have Dan's vision to see any receiver on the field, doesn't have his release, or his arm. The thing is, when QB's of the ilk of Dilfer can win than we're prettly fortunate to have Fiedler. So, can he improve? Yes and he did it this year. We need to get him more weapons. We need a compliment to Chambers on the other side. OK, maybe not a burner but someone that can handle the underneath stuff. Wanny needs to start spending some $$$$ on the offense, too. They should be able to draft one of the UM OL guys (no, no shot at McKinnie!), the neverending quest for a stud RB (William Green, DeShon Foster, TJ Duckett).

We also need to get back to using the TE's and RB's in the passing game. It doesn't matter who the coordinator is, Turner or Mike Shula. This facet has been missing since the end of the Marino years. Why? I think Weaver is a decent TE, given the chance. You remeber the days when we had Kirby, Byars, and K. Jackson... all at the same time? Someone as a safety valve. Maybe Najeh Davenport from UM. I think Konrad can be that type... he's totally misused.

Can't talk about the offense without taking the OL to task. Should never have let Richmind Webb or Donnalley go. Dave, we need at least one of those UM guys!

I'd like to hear what everyone else thinks about this....
totally agree

though we could not have kept Webb at 3 mil a year and Donnelley was out all year anyway. We need to get 2 new starters - min. - on the OL that are good; and like coach said we have not had a young starter on the o line other than Wade since Ruddy. :eek:

Welcome a-board :D
As I've said before, I like Davenport and I think he might come in under the draft radar because of his injury, just like Danny boy did. does anyone think that Najeh is worth a number 1? I really don't think he'll last 'til the 3rd round.
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