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Ravens' Reed is greatly underpaid, but isn't balking


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Jul 30, 2004
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Huntsville, AL
Of all the remarkable feats performed by Baltimore Ravens safety Ed Reed during his three-year career, his most impressive is the silence he's maintained over the last six months. During an offseason when stars all over the league are complaining about their contracts and demanding new deals, the NFL's reigning Defensive Player of the Year hasn't uttered a peep about being underpaid. Why do I bring this up today? Simply put, Reed has more reason to whine about his current financial situation than any other big-name player.

Reed is playing it smart just like McMike is. Both are deeply under paid and they should be getting alot more money. There good attitude will get them big new deals during the season.
ed Reed should be paid as much as the top tier safiety's but than he would be to expensive for madden than lol
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