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Read this... The Jets sound real confident

Does this sound Confident to you???

I would like to hear more encouraging words from my offense before a game.

"Can we score against them? We'd like to think that we can, but we'll wait and see Sunday," Jets RT Ryan Young said.

"It's going to be a challenge," LT Jason Fabini said.

"We'll see Sunday," RG Randy Thomas said.

"We're going to need all three phases playing very well to have a chance to win this game," Testaverde said. "It's tough to beat this team with just your offense alone. It's tough to get points on this team even if you have a great offense. That's why I'm saying we need to play well in all three phases."

That was a not-so-subliminal call from Testaverde for perhaps a touchdown scored by the Jets' defense and/or special teams or at least great field position yielded by both.

P.S. once again I live in NJ and read all the local newspapers. I read about the Giants too, but I don't feel the members of this board would be interested in what is happening in the Giants camp...
Originally posted by #1 Jets Fan
For people who keep claiming they could careless about the Jets sure are reading alot about my J-E-T-S JETS JETS JETS

For someone who keeps claiming he doesn't care what people think about him and their opinions...You seem to keep posting annoying responses and senseless opinions...and on a D-o-l-p-h-i-n-s Dolphins Dolphins Dolphins board when you are a Jets fan :rolleyes:
No...Cause you want to stick around an speak your annoying comments while getting on everyone's nerves..well it seems I'm not the only one around here that's getting frustrated with your presence and it seems that it's gonna bite ya in the ass here pretty soon when someone takes action and removes you from the board totally.......:yell:

I could care less about the Jets. They are already out of it. You guys wont win more than two games the rest of the year. Its time for your annual collapse.
with the postponement...........

because of 9-11, and the jets annual late season collapse, i bet they're really happy the oakland game was moved back! :lol:
That's why

when 9-11 happened and the NFL was trying to decide whether or not to play that week, Vinny said he will not play. So rather then get beat up he could say he forfeited...
don't have to ban you.............

soon as i find out who the imposter is, i can delete every post you care to write. YOU"LL LEAVE on your own! BET ON IT! you like to make bets don't you? this time i got a sure thing! ;)
Originally posted by #1 Jets Fan
when we take over 1st place then that will happen.
Go ahead and ban me and I will bet you anything I can get back on here when ever I want.

What makes you think that you could get back on afterwards...They have your info in their database and they would be able to tell if you changed your name to get back on. So, you would not be able to do what you did on the Broncos board cause they would find out :D
I grew up

and live in NJ. I work for a Wall Street Company. I don't work on Wall Street But my company has an office on Wall Street. I know more than a few people that died in the collapse, and I turned down a job offer to work in the Trade Center 2 months before 9-11. Guess what I still worked all day 9/11 9/12 9/13 9/14 and everyday the week after. It's called going on with life. I guarantee I was more affected by it then Vinny was....
now that i have you're attn.

#1 Jets Fan

lets cut out this "you're to chicken to bet crap" and get on with some football talk! :yell:
Banning your IP address

is not very effective. If you are on a dial up connection it changes everytime, and on a cable modem you can renew your IP whenever you want.
#1 Jets Fan

"YOU"LL LEAVE on your own! BET ON IT!"

no i didn't say i'd bet on it with you! i said it was a "sure thing". a sure thing is not a bet. if you think its not a sure thing, try me! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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