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Reasons WHY Cris Carter's TUDE will be .....


Mar 4, 2002
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fine here.

1st. The dolphins have way more stars or players on both sides of the ball then Minn. There are too many guys on this team that Cris Carter will realize have leadership abilities.

2nd. Cris Carter is to smart to not realize that he has to repsect ZACH, JT and the boys.

3rd. We are 5-1, he wont want to be the reason we fail.

4th. He comes here with the knowledge that we are a run first team. He had to have agreed that 5 balls his way might be it.

5th. This guy is a fierce competitor on a team that wins. Great COMBO.

6th. He adds that Michael Irvin ra ra pump you up attitude.

I like the move. We need to win it now. There is no time to worry about chemistry. This is our shot and the fron office knows it.

Exactly. Carter's attitude was never called into question until the Vikings fell off the wagon.

I don't expect a huge impact from him right away. I see him making increasing contributions down the stretch.
Right. Plus it was really only a problem after the death of Korey Stringer which put everyone on edge. Even so he isolated his anger/disappointment to guys that he KNEW could perform better than they were.
Originally posted by Denny

He comes here with the knowledge that we are a run first team. He had to have agreed that 5 balls his way might be it.

Right on. Heres here to win a championship, nothing more. he's coming in to play a very specific supporting role, not to be the star.
Its a great time to be a FinFan...

I love the way everyone here is rallying around the FO and their decision to bring Chris into the fold. I can't wait for the Monday night game against Greenbay. Its truly a great time in Dolphin land.:)
i pledge allegiance, to the dolphins.............

DEN54: how can you not rally around the fo right now? they make the trade for ricky, and now they bring in one of the top wr's ever, it is obvious these boys are finally serious about a championship!!!

you a skynyrd fan 54? outstanding!!


theres to much coke, and to much smoke, look whats going on inside you...................
i feel for orande but he let his agent open up the flood gates for the phins by the end of the year we could have a very good tandem at wideouts.....

I checked the bills and saints boards and they are all talking about Carter...... The phins are already ranked high in the NFL and with a win sunday are doing very well in their division with a week off.

you can't be happy if you are ANY other team right now..... thinking the dolphins are crumbling to injuries and sunday afternoon they could be 6-1 with a bye and signe d chris carter to replace the huge loss of Orande. an upgrade at the position when you thought they could go backwards..

no one is happier or more shocked then i am..... I just hope they have smooth sailing with a win sunday and a week to get Carter and Lucas all warmed up for the second half of the year...

awesome just awesome
You think carter is just gonna waltz in with no training camp or anything and be a pro bowl receiver?? I doubt if he will even start. Hes just insurance incase we lose another receiver and he'll probably split time with Ward.
That's what I was thinking as well. I don't mean to sound negative, but FCOL he was in the broadcast booth until today.
he might be a little rusty but hes a great wr he might have a slow start but hell get it back
I'm jaded right now. On one hand, I'm very sad that we lost Oronde (one of my favorite players). On the other hand, the Carter thing is exciting. But as I've said before.....I don't see this as an upgrade. Not yet anyway.
I believe that spielman will put in a clause about his attitude.

Also I see Carter as the #3 reciever for his first couple games and he will have to earn his #2 spot. Which I don't think will be hard. No offense to Ward and McKnight but this is a well rested hall of fame reciever who even in his one bad year last year still put up 6 TD's and had over 70 catches.
Hopefullly he can get even half of last years totals and that would be exceptional! GO PHINS

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