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Reciever corps ailing?


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Jan 3, 2002
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Is anyone else concerned that our recievers are all out right now ? Gadsden is running but cant really practice from shoulder surgery,Ward has not recovered form his second foot surgery in less than a year and Now i hear that CC's ankle has not recovered yet! THIS IS WHY I SAID SIGN CARTER!!! We are not as good at wideout as some on this board would have thought ...with these injuries ESPECIALLY the one to Cahmbers , I must point out AGAIN how crucial it is to get a veteran wide out !!!Who can stay healthy! The only two others on the roster now are mcdrops and ogden or a euro league guy or our fith rounder SS I am not crazy...our recievers have a curse or something especially toe injuries ..mcduffie ,orande,and now ward !! What the hell!?! GET carter! and pray he can stay healthy!
Its not even mini-camp yet, and all signs point to each and every one of them being at 100% in time for training camp! The only reason we know that they're still hobbling is because theres nothing else to report on! Wait till the rookies get thru the mini-camps, the vets will lose the crutches,canes, walking boots, and every other excuse and get out there and secure they're roster spots! Dont even sweat it! And please dont mention the C word, I thought that had died out already!
I wouldn't worry about it too much. Every single NFL player has injuries to deal with after the season and I'd say most of them aren't ready until about a month before training camp opens. I'll bet if you asked ZT right now he'd tell you that he is in no shape to step back onto the field and slam into a bunch of other oversized human beings. Just have patience and let the offseason play out the way it always does. The 'Fins, and every other pro-sports franchise for that matter, have excellent doctors and physical thereapists who work very closely with these player (a.k.a. investments) so that they will be 100%, or close to it, come game day.

PHINFAN had it right when he said the only reason any of know about these injuries is because this is the offseason and there really isn't anything to talk about. ;)
Ward and OG has more pervasive injuries that do concern me, especially because I want to see of them starting opposite CC Jr, but that's not enough to justify shoving them aside and brining in CC Sr as the new starting WR.

Though it would not bother me either way since I will trust Wann-Spiel on CC Sr
Amen 39

Originally posted by dolphan39

Though it would not bother me either way since I will trust Wann-Spiel on CC Sr

Our camp is playing coy and CC sr. is his usual smug self. Something's going on. If he's a fin I'll be shouting for him. If not I think we can make great strides, with a receiving TE for example added to the mix.

(gotta say that the more serious of the injuries might lead to a little more caution on the part of the players having seen what happend to OJ McD).
You're worrying over NOTHING. It is only APRIL 24!!! We don't need WRs now, just let camp fodder run around and risk injury.

Don't worry, we don't need our VARSITY guys till August and it isn't even close yet. Don't let that be an excuse to bring in a team lawyer, I mean CC.
I like our "anonymous" group of WRs and TEs. I think we have a chance to be MORE effective WITHOUT that certain someone that no team wants.

None of the receivers want that person around. They like the group as is. If that guy came aboard, it would be a distraction, because the media would be all over it the ENTIRE season. Not only that, but you can bet your ass that he'd be hemming and hawing if he wasn't getting his touches.

I like our "anonymous" group. They're deep and they're talented. Let the rest of the league take them for granted. We don't need any "superstars" messing up the chemistry.
UH-OH Van, you done gone and done it! Now your t.v. will lose reception in the AFC championship game 3rd and goal from the 2 with 4 sec. remaining, Dolphins down 3!

J/K(knocking on wood for ya!)
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