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Redskins have new uniforms?


Mark Clayton
Sep 3, 2001
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Hey guys....After seeing them talk about the Redskins like they usually do over here in VA :rolleyes:
, I noticed that there logos on their helmet's are different and had thought that it was just cause of training camp but I'm not so sure anymore...I just looked through a PS2 gaming magazine and they showed a preview of NFL Fever 2003 for XBox and on it the Skins had the same helmets on :eek: So I guess it's for real but anyone know if that's true? If you look at them...the helmet's logos look like Florida State's logo :eek: :rolleyes: That's weird with Spurrier as coach

Here's a shot of what I'm talkin about ;):
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Those Flo. St. uni's are just for this year & at home games only.
Well... I guess we've found out which team Spurrier really likes when he was down in here in Florida.

I guess Spurrier figures that if he couldn't beat them, that he should join them. However, in the case of the Hurricanes, when he saw them on the schedule he RAN! :lol:
LOL AJ.....Cool pic in your sig, I like it :D From what my boss here at work told me...those are throwback uniforms that they use to wear back in the 60's (don't know exact date so somewhere around there) and on a page I saw in a Playstaion Magazine on a advertisement for NFL Fever 2003 for XBox it showed the Redskins in those uniforms in a I guess it's just a option for the throwback uniforms that you can use in Fever 2003....Thanks for the info Madison :cool:
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