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May 23, 2002
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As you guys know I'm in Maryland..last night I had Ravens vs Lions..Tonite..skins and Panthers...First carry for Lamar Smith 3 yard lost by DG...the miami connection..on pass downs DG didn't get close to Weinke..Steve Spuirers O is the real deal..right now score is 10-3...Matthews not playing as well as Wuethal did against 49ers..But he is moving the team pretty well. Lamar had a chance to gain good yardage on a screen, but he dropped it..The redskins will surprise this year..and DG defintely stuffs the run..Carolina didn't have a chance up the middle. The Florida people around the league are making noise...Vinney for the Jets the other night..He's from the canes so I give him props for that even though he was born and raised in NY..he got notice as the qb of the canes.
Update 17-3 still first half..Steve is going to give teams fits..he even went for it on 4th at his own 44..He's exciting to watch for calling plays on the O..
Living here in hot and dry south carolina, we are blessed with Carolina Panther games. I was hoping to see D.Foster start, alas it is L.Smith I have to torture myself with. Is it possible that he looks more frightened as a Panther? I think it is. It's like he's running in molasses, each step is a struggle. I'm glad I don't have to cheer him on.

I don't see anything in D.Gardner as a Redskin. He had no push agains a woefull Panthers line, his saving grace is that he is talented, and plays on what I think will be an excellent defense. Anyway, I'm bitter towards DG, and glad to point out his deficiency as I see it.

I think...

Our ol buddy Lamar has just lost his job b/c of DeShaun Foster's first run, it was AMAZING and he just pulled a Jeremy Shockey type move on Darrell Green...flattened him, Lamar may as well give up, I'll say at LEAST by week 8 Foster will start
Thanks god I have Foster on my fantasy team!! Along with Shaun Alexander, and Ricky Williams!!
That was a good run by Foster,..not only pulling the shockey move but kept going for the TD..a 60 yard one I might add.
I would wait until the regular season starts before everyone jumps on Spurrier's Redskins' c*cks. There are playing the friggin Panthers for cryin out loud.
This makes me very happy. In the FinHeaven Yahoo Fantasy Football League, I picked up DeShaun Foster off waivers.

It makes me feel better about not winning the Jeremy Shockey sweepstakes. Word out of camp was Foster was really looking good, looking like he had it all. Problem is he fumbles, but thats not a problem in OUR league cuz fumbles don't make ya lose points! HAHAH! DeShaun for offensive rookie of the year!
Yep, like I said, they may as well hand the job over to Foster...Lamar's doin the same ol thing he was doin with us last year, he acts like he's scared to run in a way...amazing when he's in he can't go squat but soon as the rookie comes in he lights it up, wasn't it kinda like that last year with Minor?
In a real game for him to be taking all those chances and such, he will lose some games, and won't be around very long, especially with Dan Snyder running the show, that man is a prick.
Originally posted by iceblizzard69
We have no preseason games on here. :(

Duh??? Probably because we don't play until Monday...Am I missing something here?
You know the panthers are playing a better game against the skins than 49ers..the score 23-16. By the way that 60 yard run by Foster was his first run in the NFL..what a start.
New York City sucks and they have only one game televised, the Giants and Pats. I was switching through channels and found it. Luckily, the Fins and Bucs is nationally televised so I will watch it. :) Preseason sucks anyway though.
Ohhhhh.... Okay now I understand..Thanks

Don't feel bad..I get the ravens or the NL East games when the skins aren't playing..I brought a Direct TV Satelite and will have it going for the season I want to see the dolphins..
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