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Replay and Challenges, they way it SHOULD BE done


Aug 16, 2002
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I don't know about you but I was very unhappy when the NFL got rid of Instant Replay. I thought it was more important to get a call right, then to just go with the refs first inclination. So the NFL decides to bring IR back in a new form. Through a series of challenges, blah blah blah.

The problem with the way they do challenges is that it takes WAY TO LONG for these refs to make the decision. Honestly, aside from when the actual refs call is being reviewed (example umpire throughs a flag) the ref has to watch the plays a few times to see it, then see it from different angles and make a decision. This never is done under the 90 seconds alotted. I don't understand this method.

My solution would be to do something like the NHL does. Keep the challenges and red flags and buzzer stuff, but instead of the heat coming on the ref and having him come over and stare into a monitor have a booth upstairs with someone or someones who are qualified with NFL rules who can make the decisions. This way a decision can be made a lot faster because they could start reviewing controversial decisions before a challenge is even issued. Also it would save the time of the ref running over to the coach asking what he wants to challenge, telling the audience, running over to the monitor, talking on the radio, then peering his dopey old head into the monitor, looking at footage for 2 hours, then talking on the radio some more and then telling the world. Geez what a stupid and inefficient way to do things. Give me Tagliabues job and I'll speed this stuff up.

Coach buzzes and throws red flag. Coach is able to radio up to replay booth what he wants to review. Ref hears it as well through a headset and announces play is under review. Refs chill for a bit while the booth makes a call, radios down to the ref to let us know the decision end of story. No more running around on the field and wasting time. Guys in a booth with plenty of monitors easy to access footage and a much clearer atmosphere. Problem solved a la IMC. Thank you, thank you.

sorry for the long post.
Good ideas. The wait really doesn't bother me as we get to watch the replays and get to discuss the play. What really gets me pissed is when the ref comes back after five minutes and declares an inadvertent whistle. What B.S.
Actually, they did it upstairs for the first year or so. It was a disaster and it killed instant replay. The reason we have replay today is the idea of letting the officials on the field decide.
I like the way they have it now ... sure it takes a long time, no argument there, but that's just more time for me to drink.
I like the idea of having replay officials... There is no reason it couldnt be done yes they tried it before ...and now they can try it again ...the running to the sideline crap IS rediculous ...and im sure that a more clear view could be had if set up correctly ...I mean with all the technology we have ,are you telling me they cant do this faster and more efficiantly ? Please!.....There is no reason NOT to continue to REFINE the instant replay prcess till it becomes smoother (quicker and very accurate)...Improve improve improve!!!!!!!!
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