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Rich Tylski An Option!!!


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Nov 18, 2001
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RICH TYLSKI was released last week by the Pittsburgh Steelers. It was basically a numbers game with their #1 draft pick Kendall Simmons from Auburn! From what I hear this guy is the ultimate team player and brings some much needed nastiness to the table! He is a quality player to come in and challenge at the guard spot or to even push Dixon, Searcy and the underachieving Perry! Slaine might know a bit more about this guy since he is a STEELER fan! The only thing I know is this guy started on a quality o-line in Pittsburgh!!!
Tylski will be a good pickup for someone. He's a solid run blocker but is less good in pass protection. To be honest any one of the four guys (Simmons, Ross, Vincent, Okobi) that we have competing for the RG position would be an upgrade except in terms of experience and veteran savvy. He has some years left in the tank and will be cheap. He was scheduled to make $0.975M this year before he was cut.
looks like SD is more interested:

Chargers | Looking at Tylski - posted at KFFL (
9:46 PT: Jim Trotter, of the San Diego Union-Tribune, reports the San Diego Chargers will meet with the representative for OG Rich Tylski (Steelers), an unrestricted free agent.

still do not think Wanne and Rick think he a definite step up from Dixon/Perry/Searcy and Nails and we are not gonna sign another vet OL unless they are an guaranteed upgrade
i like THIS quote!

''This year, the team just seems so much more excited,'' Weaver said. 'Norv, is like, `Man, we're taking it to people, we're going after them, we're not going to be laid-back and just try to grind it. We're going to get out and try to put points on the board.' ''
No on Rich Tylski

I have followed Rich Tylski for part of his career, and the Dolphins, or any other NFL team for that matter, looking to seriously upgrade the running game, should not be considering Tylski for a starting position on the OL. There is a reason he hasn't latched on to is past two NFL teams.
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