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Rick Gosselin's Mock Draft


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Dec 26, 2001
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Normally, I wouldn't post a mock draft done by a reporter, but Rick Gosselin has been incredibly accurate over the last three years with his mock draft and his top 100 players.

Over the past three years, the five most accurate mock drafts have been, in order:

1. NFL Draft Countdown (Scott Wright)
2. Mel Kiper Jr.
3. The Red Zone
4. Rick Gosselin
5. Pro Football Weekly (I've been a little skeptical about their coverage since Buchsbaum's death.)
So far, out of the top 5 mock drafts, only Pro Football Weekly has Miami taking Benson over Brown.

If that happens, then I'll give PFW credit. As of this point, they are the only source that has indicated that Miami wants Benson more than Brown.

At this point, I have to stick with a projection of Ronnie Brown to Miami. The situation for him in Miami makes too much sense to me, considering Nick Saban's familiarity with him as well as his ideal fit for what Linehan may want to do offensively.

I may change my mind as more information comes out between now and the draft. Hell, it wouldn't surprise me if the guy the Dolphins really want is Cadillac Williams.
I think with nomore informatio than Miami is leaking, this year is anyone's guess. I think it is rare when a team is as utterly silent as we have been.

This year no one knows what Slick Nick will do.
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