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Ricky and Ronnie

Hank Fin

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Jun 23, 2005
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With Ricky coming back it seems both williams and Ronnie brown will share time. Ive read Ricky would ideally help ronnie along alieving him of the preassure of being the main ball carrier. THis split time would continue for a year or 2 untill ronnie is ready to carry the load, However ricky cant play the first 4 games, so right form the get go ronnie will be the main ball carrier, what do you think will happen if while ricky serves his 4 game suspension, brown rushes for around 500 yards in four games. When ricky becomes elligible do you think saban will throw him into the mix? if ronnie starts out hot ricky could become a non factor? what do you think?
Ricky will play. We're gonna play him because if we didnt we would only be hurting ourselves. If hes benched all year that means he's eating up salary cap and no team is gonna trade anything of any value for a RB that has taken a year off and then hasnt played since. Not playing Ricky doesnt make sense.
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