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Ricky = Ratings?


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Dec 23, 2004
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Here's something I've spent a quantitative seven minutes pondering -- which is a persistently due amount of time squandering over Ricky Williams for me.

America loves drama, and America's biggest drama queen Ricky Williams has seemingly tattooed himself all over the NFL as late in epic 'Tom-and-Katie' like branding. But how much does the drama, the shorthanded storylines play into ratings??

I'd be willing to bet that if Cheech took his hike-to-divinity back to Miami a few months ago, we'd have some primetime games. Good, tangible beer-raising media. Yet we get short-strawed by the blandly amazing force of the Arizona Cardinals, the token 500 primetime games dished to Kansas City and Oakland and heck, even 'them damn 'Niners' get a hero-parade one Monday night.

Ah, I'm just dead-veined here. The media coverage has been crazy over this Ricky thing lately....yet our 'foward progression' is seemingly invisible to most. So do any of you think Ricky will bring ratings back to us? Or at least break us even?

I think we'll be alright as long as he doesn't open his mouth too often. He'll make Wyatt Sexton seem like a conservative liberal.
I believe you are correct, but I also believe if Ricky does end up coming back and playing for the Fins, he won't amount to much
He SUCKS??? I seriously doubt he will suck. This thread got me thinking....good thread.
marinotoclayton said:
how in the hell will Ricky equal ratings if we don't have any primetime tv games this year.

Increased local coverage; more Sportscenter/NFL Network coverage; increased chances of Primtime games in 2006, 2007;

And it was an opinion thread. Note the question mark next to the "Ricky = Ratings".
His probable return has generated many a stories in the sports media, and will continue until his first game. After that, is strictly up to Ricky, only his performance will dictate the attention of the media. Also, I believe, the television contracts allow the networks to change their broadcast games later in the season???
I dont think him coming back has to do with ratings. Miami doesn't make more money when more people watch them on TV. The network who broadcast the game does. Miami has a set deal for the year and him coming back wouldnt effect it. The team would focus in getting more national televised games in 2006 and a much easier way than bringing in a drama queen would be to win some ball games.
If Ricky announced he was coming back before the scheds came out you would have gotten 2 sun night game and still wouldn't have deserved it, you won 4 games last year so how can you complain about no prime time games?
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