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Ricky Williams Press Conference at 3PM today!


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Dec 12, 2001
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I haven't payed that much attention to him untill about 2 weeks ago, but i really like what i see. I have been watching every tape i can get my hands on and i have been very impressed. He obviously is a lot faster than Lamar, and runs with a lot of power, but what has really impressed me is his vision. This seemed to be Lamar's achilles heal last season, but it apears that it is Ricky's strength. As Lamar would seem to make too many moves in the back feild, Ricky can read the d before he gets the ball and knows if he should stay inside or bounce it outside. The other thing that really impressed me about RW was his ability when he gets the open feild. He has very crisp cuts, and then can over power, or just run bye oncomming safties. If he stays focused he should have a great season.
I think it is safe to say that he will own the phins single season rushing record after next year. And i really think he can push 1800.
Re: Ricky!

Originally posted by Dajesus
If he stays focused

and does not fumble alot

Originally posted by Dajesus
he should have a great season.

there is no comparison between Ricky and Lamar. It is like comparing Dan and Jay, respectively.
We got Ricky!

I jumped off the couch when the Ricky deal was finalized. I am so excited about next season, I can hardly sit still. This move will take a lot of pressure off Fiedler, and the Fins are a legitimate contender. I don't think 13-3 is out of the question if the O-line can stay healthy. I cannot wait to see Ricky in a Dolphin uniform.
Yes, I agree 13. Nobody`s perfect. Those that put people down because they have some type of personal problem or dibilitation are in need of Self examination. :fire:
He wore a wedding gown posing for a photo with coach Mike Ditka. He wore a helmet and dark visor during interviews. He criticized the city of New Orleans, kept teammates at a distance and was diagnosed with social anxiety disorder -- extreme shyness.

Wow, big deal. He is shy, and wears a football helmet.

If the Bengals traded for Ray Lewis, a man who was involved with a murder and then lied about it, nobody would say a word about the type of person they brought in.
Kinda sad commentary on the kind of society we have today.

Well screw that...........We got Ricky :D :D :D :D :D :D
Ricky in Miami??

Is Ricky supposed to be in Miami today? I recall reading somewhere, they said he would make the trip down. Just wanted to know if anyone knew of any type of press conference with him or anythin.....

:monkey: JETS
Ricky wanted to be a Saint


Dolphins | Ricky Talks To King - posted at KFFL (http://nfl.kffl.com)
9:21 PT: Peter King of CNN/SI reports new Miami Dolphins RB Ricky Williams told him in an interview his preference was to stay in New Orleans. Williams is not happy to leave New Orleans. He told GM Randy Mueller recently that he wanted to stay, and he reiterated that fact to King. "I should have been in New Orleans my whole career," he said. "I'm a very loyal person. They gave up a lot for me three years ago, and the controversy of all that was put aside and I was just playing football now. I was a part of the city and the team. I was playing well." Williams felt the current administration never saw him as "their guy." He did say later in the interview he was happy going to Miami. "And this is my chance. Miami's a great team, a playoff team, and I know I'll get the ball there."
Ricky still needs to grow up - no one can expect to be with the same team their whole career these days - **** happens
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