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Jul 10, 2002
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Does any of this "anxiety" disorder sit well with you? Is he a ticking time bomb? He seems to go from one end of the spectrum to the other with his emotions... He says he's been taking meds and that he is just fine "now". Does this mean he's cured? Or is it always going to be there and his teammates just kick back and say "awww that's just his disorder"? Does anyone else here have any first or second hand experience with this anxiety thing?
I have had first hand expeirence. It is a very weird thing. For me it came out of now where. I was in a fraternity, high school vice pres, varsity in 2 sports, and the next thing I knew I couldnt stand to be in social inviroment unless i was drunk. The meds kind of dull it so you can handle things, but you still get stressed out, out of no where. The things i found that helped me was being in enviroments that i am used to, and know real well. The other thing that i found helped alot and would apply to RW is when i was keeping busy, ie playing darts, bowling, cards or something to keep my mind on i wouldn't get attacks. So if RW just stays with playing football, and keeps his mouth shut we will be fine.
I've dealt with it often and he's doing the right thing in going about this the way he is. He doesn't make excuses, he just does the best he can with the cards that were dealt to him and goes about life in a normal manner. Sometimes he'll probably seem a little quirky but that's the nature of the thing.
does not bother me since RW has proven himself on the field in college and in NO. And he is just now supposedly better. :cool:
when he was in n.o.,nobody knew about it...in miami, everyone is fully aware of it...i think its a non-issue...he will be fine...run ...ricky...run...
One thing that you have to keep in mind about Ricky Williams is how incredibly smart he is. I would most definitely not be surprised if an IQ test showed him at 135+. With that often comes quirkiness.
Originally posted by PHINFAN4LIFE

I thought it was Paxil :D

Not sure what meds RW is on... but both Prozac and Paxil (maong others) are used for that type of disorder, depending on the individual...
Prozac is a little stronger ... I think... correct me if I'm wrong about that...
My ex has the same thing and uses Paxil regularly. It really helps her out. I've seen the difference between psycho woman and calm cool lady. The drug does help with the attacks.

So I'm not worried about RW. He's doing the right thing for him.
ckp - Ricky a genius? Where did you get that from? I guess it is possible, but you would think a little common sense would come along with it - choosing a rapper for his agent and getting one of the worst contracts in modern history for player of his talent. All the scrapes with the law. How many quirks are we talking about here?
135 is not a genius. 154 is not even a genius IQ though it comes close. Not sure if 135 even gets you into mensa, whose prerequisite is that you be in the top 2% IQ in the USA.

I've read reports that Ricky Williams is extremely smart. His wonderlic score was like a 34 or something like that where most WRs and RBs score in the teens or 20 something. His wonderlic I believe was the highest of his draft class, and his behavior and quirkiness seem to me typical of a really smart person especially one trapped in a world like football. Anyone that knows him personally and has commented on him says he's extremely smart and to me it fits with his behavior so I would not be surprised at all if an IQ test came back 130-135.

High IQ and quirkiness tend to go hand in hand in my experience. Doesn't mean he's got much common sense, and it certainly doesn't have anything to do with laziness.
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