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Ricky Williams/savior?


Don't believe everything you think.
Sep 3, 2001
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Now it occurs to me that RW is being viewed in Miami like he was in the Big Easy, as a ticket to the SB.
That is over 600 respondents and still, over 80% think he is taking us to the promised land.
What happens if Ricky only gains 1100 yds rushing and we go out in the playoffs again, are 80% of the people going to blame Ricky?
It sounds to me like there is still an undue amount of pressure being put on this one player.
How can 80% of the people blame Ricky? Jay is sure to get at least 50% of the blame right?;) :lol:
"...only gains 1100 yards rushing..."

OMG! Only 1100 yards!

I think your post illustrates just how much pressure and expectation that Ricky is under already!
That's my point slaine.
1100yds by anybody other than RW would be great, but it seems like everyone is expecting much more than that, as shown, by the fact that 80% of the people think we are now going to win the SB just because we have Ricky Williams.
I said, and I would say again, that still seems like an undue amount of pressure.
If I'm not mistaken, massive amounts of pressure was what led his undoing in N'awlins.
I hadn't realised that that was what you meant. I think that having a ton of cash and being very young may have had a fair bit to do with his New Orleans problems. He's a more mature guy now - read Peter King's article at CNNSI and the picture that you get is of a really solidly grounded person. You may well have struck gold with Ricky.

I do not veiw R-W's as a savior, I personally did not believe he would be in Miami (to be honest) and that is not to say that I am not happy he is a fin or wanted Williams, but he is is a great back and with a new team and and with a better atmosphere who can predict how many yrds,Passes,and T-D's W's will acheive. I - like alot of the negative C- Carter bandwagoners, have some questions in regarding R-W's attitude and personality,but he is a definite upgrade and should stop the constant questions about the Phins running game ! Marino1983
If our OL and DL does not improve/stay healthier than there will be no salvation. :(

Norv has proven that his O improves a back's stats and RW has average over 1000 yards a year, so at least 1100+ is expected. But if guys like Dixon, Searcy, our LTs and Daryl as well as Ricky do not stay in the lineup, then we're going no farther than the 1st or 2nd round.

Having said that, the big difference between us and NO when RW was drafted is that we won 11 games the last 2 years and NO sucked when he got there. So he's just the bump up in quality we need to get us to at least the same level as anybody else in the AFC is not beyond :cooldude: . No he's not the saviorm he's the difference between 11-5 and a first round bye. :D
Now flip it up, say RW runs for 1200, and are d holds tough, but we still don't make the super bowl, will Jay be tared and feathered in town square? I think more preasure is on Jay this season than anyone. The excuses are gone, no more injuries or lack of a running game if he doesn't cut down his ints i have a feeling he will be gone.
If we win a SB. He'll be here longer, his contract will be restructured. We have to win the SB for him to stay though.
IMO, he wll improve under Norv, and with RW behind him, there should be no reason why he can't improve.Throw in a healthy line , and more experienced CC,and we could possibly have an offense that other teams must actually game plan for.
Originally posted by Dolfan984
If we win a SB. He'll be here longer, his contract will be restructured. We have to win the SB for him to stay though.

Even without a SB win after 2 yrs, if his stats put him in the top 10 QB`s AND he restructures...........he`ll stay hopefully. :)
Does anybody remember lamar smiths past before he came to the dolphins!!?? You guys crack me up!! Ricky was under pressure for many reasons but he didnt have the kind of trouble lamar smith did....I am glad that ricky is here but i am more concerned with the new offensive cordinator change and how well this o-line will play....alot of new and injured players are going to have to jive quickly or it may not be all roses folks ...R.W. is not the savoir but a important piece of what I hope is a championship team ..Good luck ricky ,and dont worry ...be happy ...lol
Ricky is ten times better then lamar smith was. he should at least get 1400 yards. This way jay could throw the ball alot less and he sould cut down on the INT's. Then the fins will do alot better. Ricky should be in the top three running backs of 2002.
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