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Jan 4, 2002
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Moscow, PA
While Edgerrin James maybe a better running back the likelyhood of acquiring him are low. But I did just read that the possibilties of acquiring Ricky Williams are much better than that of James...and the possibility of Miami sitting down with the Saints at the end of the season are probably going to happen.
If we get Ricky, we should...

re-sign Lamar to back him up :rolleyes: how ironic would that be :goof:

seriously, I would not give the Saints much more than our #1 pick in the 2002 draft or else we threaten to greatly reduce the overal talent level of the team (and we have no #2 pick)
Smith or Minor...hmmmm

I'm not sure that going with Smith as a back up would be such a good idea...he is 31 which means that he's not getting any younger and therefore how productive will he be as a backup...I am leaning more towards Travis Minor. But then again it maybe just wishful thinking. IF we did aquire Williams then maybe it would be like a Csonka(Williams) and Kickk(Minor) reunion.:D
Czonka (Williams ?), Kiick (Rob Konrad) and Morris (Minor) :D

Minor can be counted on to carry the ball 30+ times a game and be the 3rd down back. He can be great carrying the ball 15 times a game and being the 3rd down back. So we need a 1 big back to replace JJJ and Lamar at least
I really think the Phins will have to give up more than just a 1st round pick in 2002! Remember they are drafting at the bottom again since they will be in the playoffs! Randy Mueller the GM for the SAINTS is one of the better GM's in the league. He and the Saints are gonna want at least a 1st and a 2nd plus future considerations. I am even thinking 1st round picks in 2002 and 2003?? I want Ricky Williams but it will cost the PHINS!!!!!

#13 FOREVER!!!!
this seems to end all this speculation

NFL numbers make dealing RBs difficult


The Saints, for instance, would absorb a hit of $5.502 million against their 2002 salary cap if they dealt Williams, who is under contract through the 2006 season. The impact for the Colts would be even higher, $6.5 million, in any trade of James, under contract through 2005.
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