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Sep 29, 2001
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Right now on Ricky's site he has his favorites:

These are my favorite Ricky's favorites:

Favorite Football Player (current): Me.

Favorite Hockey team: LOL!

Favorite Football team to play against: Panthers.

Favorite Airline: None, they all suck (except our charters).

And my least favorite of his favorites:

Favorite Football team (besides the Dolphins): Chargers.
(He should only like the Fins!!!!! lol)

check all of them out at www.run-ricky-run.com
This is from Ricky's journal entry from 9-15-2002:

"I know you all saw the jets. Not the Jets. My jets. And they said I can't break the long one."

Go Ricky,Go!
Originally posted by DolFan31
Wow Ricky uses internet language like us(ex: LOL!).Wonder if he made the site himself??
he may have he has said that his 2 big hobbies are photography and web design.
From what i heard he requested an extra data line @ camp so he could do his daily updates -- i believe that site is 100% ricky...maybe it helps him cope with his social anxiety or something -- some sort of therapy to relate to people through another medium -- nice seeing a star in the NFL being so open with the fans -- wish more players would do it.
have you seen his hair? or his Cribs spot on MTV -- the man has or had some experimentation with drugs
we all need to relax sometime. I think he does it when he on that month long vacation in Europe.
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