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Robert Edwards Looked Good...then Hurt.


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Jan 27, 2002
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Just when you thought RB ROBERT EDWARDS was off to a great start at Mini-camp.....he hurt his hamstring...and was held out of Sunday's workout.

But from the first days of practice.....I think everyone in the stands..was looking up #47....ROBERT EDWARDS.

I noticed EDWARDS running early on...with no he and RICKY were alternating reps. It was just nice to see the guy come all the way back. Here was a player who shredded his knee...just playing voleyball on the beaches of Hawaii....and hasn't played in years.

Right now.....there is the rust factor and of course....the health factor....concerning Edwards. But the health concern....the knee....the hamstring....its all relative. The question EDWARDS injury prone? Can he last the season?

If the Dolphins are to secure a roster spot for EDWARDS...they want to make sure he can stand the long haul. The biggest obviously when the hitting begins. Will his knee be able to take the physical punishment? How timid will he be....running with the footballl? Will he avoid being hit...and go down without a fight? These are the questions that the coaches are asking right now....

My feeling is this on Edwards: I think the guy can be a very serviceable backup to Ricky Williams.....I hope he can just stay on the practice field. He says he is fine....and can stay intact. But again.....he has not been tackled in quite some time.

When the pads come on in JULY....EDWARDS will see the likes of DARYL GARDENER and ZACH THOMAS coming full speed ahead......and then we will know for sure.....on the status of RB ROBERT EDWARDS......and his chances of making this team.

Edwards is a warrior type....he has rehabbed himself to the point of exhaustion......we should wish him the best of If he can make it thorugh a whole training camp.....I don't see how he does not make this a backup Rb.
edwards may have a problem with his hamstring because of the long layoff, when you don't use a muscle often, it really relaxes on ya, i know! thanks for the report though.
there is no way we can 100% rely on Edwards as our #2 guy. As DCH said, the jury is out until Edwards #1 stays healthy and #2 shows he can still run hard and break tackles and not fumble. I hope all works out and he ends up #2 but for now I reserve judgement.
this is just a minor thing, but Edwards tore up his knee playing beach football...just a small correction DCH. Thanks for the reports!

Also, I would not mind seeing Minor and Henry both contributing, as well as Edwards should he prove to be healthy.
We all knew Edwards was low risk when we signed him. If he truly is healthy and can contribute...GREAT!!!!. If not, then his career is OVER. Its not like we will cut him and he goes to a rival team ang runs for 1200yds. (Hmmm Wheatley???)
Originally posted by DIRTYCASHHOLDIN

It was just nice to see the guy come all the way back. Here was a player who shredded his knee...just playing voleyball on the beaches of Hawaii....and hasn't played in years.


Accually It was an NFL organized flag football game that they have at the pro bowl every year as part of the weekend festival.

What a shame, he was just a rookie with alot of pro bowls ahead of him.
Makes me wonder if playing in these games or even the all star games are worth the risk?
It's unlikely the Dolphins will keep four halfbacks/tailbacks. Since Williams is a lock to make the team, Edwards, Minor, or Henry would have to go. If Edwards plays well in preseason he may have trade value.
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