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Jan 20, 2002
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First-quarter review: best and worst
By Vic Carucci
NFL Insider

Best Story
Bledsoe. He's easy to root for because he is one of the NFL's class acts. You never see him gloating with his new team just as you never saw him pouting with his old one.

Honorable mention: Chargers, 3-1 Panthers, and Dolphins running back Robert Edwards coming back from a knee injury that seemingly had ended his career, if not his ability to walk again.

How is Robert Edwards not the feel good story of the year? Bledsoe has not faced the kind of adversity that Robert Edwards has.
I agree. Bledsoe is a feel-good story, but Robert Edwards was ten minutes away from having his foot amputated, and even after the surgery to save his foot, doctors told him he'd never walk again with the assistance of a cane. On the one hand, Edwards isn't achieving as much as Bledsoe on the field. But, what this writer apparently has overlooked, just by being ON THE FIELD, Edwards has achieved more than Drew Bledsoe or Vic Carucci will ever know. You go, Robert Edwards!

Go Fins!
Apparently being traded from your team is more of a heartwarming story than coming back from what was called a crippling injury to not only walk again, but play at the top level in sports again.

That guy may look back on his own article and wonder what he was thinking when he wrote something like that!:rolleyes:
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