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Mar 8, 2002
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Was just signed by the Texans for $750,000. I think it would have been nice to have him back, even if he doesnt fit well with our quick, young, LBs. He probalby would not have wanted to play behind Greenwood, though he would have only been a 450K hit.
there also may have been some bridges burned with his previous exit. Of course, Wanne was proved right since no one has signed him for more than the min. since we cut him.
Hey lets sign former Giants player Lawrence Taylor??? I'm sure we could get him for Vet Minimum + 5 ounces of cocaine...........what do ya think!!!
Originally posted by dolfan06
offer him 6 oz of coke and you'd land him!
and free rentals of Any Given Sunday from Blockbuster Video :evil:
Do we have to give him the coke in one lump sum, or can we spread it over the length of the contract?
On the feild he was great, although he had off the feild problems who are we to have a same. His playing spoke for itself.
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