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Jun 9, 2003
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heres a question someone asked.

Carlos(Miami, FL: Ronnie, how do would feel if you got selected by the Miami Dolphins and how productive do you think you will be in that style offense?

Ronnie Brown: I would be really excited about that! Nice weather and a good team. Great fans as well. I could be very productive there because I have been in four different styles at Auburn and I'm used to being productive in different styles.

This is probably late.
Scroll down less than a half centimeter.
mike (toledo): If you get drafted by the dolphins and ricky comes back during the offseason...would you be excited to be playing with him?

Ronnie Brown: I would definately be excited to play with him. I would like to learn as much about football as I can from him. He's had a great impact on the NFL.

Ricky coming back would give us a stud rb, a chance to draft a stud wr OR qb with 1st round pick. get a very good wr or qb with Surtain trade at 2nd rd.and with a deep rb class get a rb in 3rd round. draft ol middle rounds and def the rest of the way. there is way to much money on the d side. draft o at the top of the draft
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