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Ronnie Brown on 790 Right Now

Nevermind, he's heading to his introductory press conference with the team now. So they lost him.
bah got a coke and missed it..
when i sit here its boog and jimmy
I move and it someone i wanna hear.. DAM YOU ALL!!
I can't get the damn player to work...I'm stuck with Golic and Clayton...who I might add have missed 3 of the first 5 picks due to ad breaks
Ronnie Brown Himself on 790 Right Now

Just so you know.

Very well-spoken. Sounds happy and down-to-earth. I like him.
Ronnie said no communication between him and Saban until he was picked. Just combine and individual workout.

I think Saban knew he wanted him the entire time, barring trade-down. This was the ultimate smokescreen... in all honesty, I prefer Brown to Caddy, and we didn't trade down like I would have liked, but Ronnie is a team-first freight train who will do some great things.
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