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Ronnie Brown (Sig up for grabs, pt.2)


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Jul 25, 2004
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Rochester, NY

Ok, I tried this out last night and it worked out good... so I've decided to offer up another sig again tonight.

I did this Ronnie Brown sig earlier. The FIRST person to post in this thread saying they want it, gets it.

There are no minimum posts or any of that BS. It's just first come first serve. Whoever gets it will have their name, saying, quote, etc. added on by me, and then you will recieve a link via PM with the finished sig.

Lemme know.​
I don't need a new sig, but I just wanted to comment on it. It kinda looks like the UPS Truck is trying to run Ronnie over.
LOL... I see that now! I was trying to make it do a wheelie while driving away from the "What can Brown do for you?" thing.
im not a hard man to please, ClaytonAndDuper would be cool... especially after my failed attempts to pickup photo shop on my own, id love to be able to do the kinda stuff you guys do. im always looking for old picks and what not, maybe ill figure it out someday. thanks man thats awesome!
for the first time in as long as i remember, i walked in at the right time!
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