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Ronnie Brown... The fantasy football prospective

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Feb 11, 2005
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ESPN Insider has released an analysis of the first round picks from a fantasy football stand point. Brown got one of the more glowing reviews with projections like:

"The newest Fin could quickly become a fine all-around performer. Brown's excellent pass-catching skills immediately make him a very enticing fantasy selection."

"In terms of statistics, he could end up being the most productive all-around RB in this draft in a few years. He's versatile and has great numerical promise. "

It then gives a "future fantasy comparison"...

"eventually could produce rushing/receiving numbers much like Marshall Faulk did in his best years."

Not a bad projection for the player that will (hopefully) be our future superstar. :wink:
Nice. looks like we did a good job with Brown. This season can't come fast enough. The fins could be surprising alot of teams this year.
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