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ronnie = what starting rb


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Apr 24, 2005
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if you had to compare ronnie to a running back from another team who would he compare to?
i see him as a LT from the chargers can catch and hit the homerun
He draws on a lot of L.T. comparisons but I think he's more of a style of his own. In five years people will be saying "This dude has the measurables of Ronnie Brown".
Im hoping he is going to be somewhat like Bo Jackson.

He has great speed
He has the same size
He has same running style

Now lets just hope he isn't as fragile as Bo.
DolphinDevil28 said:
He's a faster Deuce McAllister.

The L.T. comparison just isn't right. We've been in agreement for a while now on this one DD.
I think the L.T. comparison draws on how he used his body, not necessarily his elusivity. Ronnie, like LaDanian is a great receiver -- good enough to dominate a game receiving, he can also use his body great whilst blocking and turning defenders when running.

His footwork accredited to vision, elusivity, lateral quickness are not that of LaDanian but more of Deuce or Eddie George.
Ronnie has some LT skills but I think he's more Deuce running-wise.
seems to be alot of LT on the board ,what about his running abality who does he compare to then
ronnie running style=

ronnie running style ,does he represent a ricky williams run over you ,a LT now you see me now you dont moves or perhaps a smooth runner like faulk:)
Didn't you just create a thread about this?
he has some of LT in him, but he kinda a Deuce McAlister mixed with ill run your azz over kinda
what about ahman green??? i can see a lot of screens being drawn up for RB just like green bay does for ahman. ronnie is fast like green with probably atleast a lil better power and comparable hands if not a little better, but their running styles are very similar to me
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