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Ronnie's Picture Thread

Which 1st Rounder gets the most TOTAL YARDS in 2005? ? ?

  • Ronnie Brown

    Votes: 83 64.3%
  • Carnell "Cadillac" Williams

    Votes: 12 9.3%
  • Cedric Benson

    Votes: 34 26.4%

  • Total voters


Jan 4, 2005
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Just Post any Pics you got of Ronnie Brown in College or in a Fins Uniform. I want to make a baD-A$$ wallpaper and Post it later on.....Thanks!!


Saban, your LSU boy just got OWNED.


Notice How Ronnie was the slot receiver while Caddy was the Tailback


He is so versatile, you can line him up wherever u want...RB,FB,WR...etc.


4.4 Speed

Excellent Hands


And the Power of a BullDozer!!!

Ronnie 5 Minute Highlight Film:
(After clicking above link Just Click on the Camera Next To Ronnie Brown's Name)

Look at the last 5 years of the NFL draft.Since the 2000 DRAFT only 2 RB's have been taken in the Top Ten:
Jamal Lewis at #7
and Ladainian Tomlinson at # 5
Look at the numbers they put up in their first year:

In 2000 Jamal Lewis started ONLY13 of 16 games.
309 Att. 1364 Yd. 4.4 Avg 6 TD
He caught 27 passes for 296 Yd. with a 11.0 Avg. and 0 TD

IN 2001 Ladainian Tomlinson started all 16 games.
339 Att 1236 Yd. 3.6 Avg and 10 TD.
He caught 59 passes for 367 Yd. with a 6.2 Avg and 0 TD
Keep in mind he did have a few nagging injuries that year.

These are pretty hefty STATS...Is this going to be the bar we have set for the 3 Rookie RB's ????

Those 2 guys were BEASTS in college and they are BEASTS now in the pros !!

I believe Ronnie Brown can give us a Ladainian Tomlinson type Rookie Year:
1200 Yds. Rushing with 7 TD's and about 40-60 catches for 450 Yards and 2 TD's.......


Jon Gruden

Bucs coach Jon Gruden said Auburn running back Ronnie Brown stunned him at last month's scouting combine by "displaying the best hands of any prospect, including wide receivers."

Lovie Smith

"You talk about unselfish, I mean, most of the time, running backs say, 'Hey, I'm the man, give me the ball,' " said Lovie Smith, the Chicago Bears coach. "You got Ronnie Brown lining up as a fullback. How many great tailbacks line up as a fullback? He's also on the punt team. You talk to both of them, they want to give the other guy a lot of credit."

Dennis Green

"All three of these players have huge upsides or they would not be here. I think what you see with Cedric Benson and Carnell Williams right now is pretty much what you will see forever. That is not a bad thing, said Dennis Green. "I just think that they have hit their near-maximum capability and you know what type of running back you have with them. [Ronnie Brown] is on par with both, but he has the potential to be great at ALL aspects of the game. He has better hands and blocking desire than the other two backs…and I think this is what sets him apart from Benson and Williams."

Jack Del Rio

"Does it all. Can catch the ball. An outstanding receiver and route runner. Big, strong, physical, fast. I'm a little leery of the fact that he doesn't have a lot of playing time . . . but when he did he was very productive. He will be a big-time back in the NFL. He's a stud."

Mike Shanahan

"Cadillac's more of a slashing runner, a guy that can make you miss," said Broncos head coach Mike Shanahan. "Ronnie's more versatile from the fact that he can play fullback and wide receiver (as he did at Auburn). But they're both great backs."

Jim Mora

"Excellent blend of size, hands ,speed, and pound for pound, one of the toughest backs in the last five NFL drafts," Mora said.

Tommy Tuberville

"Ronnie's got the best hands of any player I've ever coached or been around," Auburn coach Tommy Tuberville said. "I recruited and coached Rudi Johnson and Deuce McAllister and this guy's got more athletic ability than both of them."

Looks as if Lovie and Gruden really wanted RONNIE BROWN as their RB.....thank god we took him from them!!!

Nick Saban

"We thought he had the best speed, the best hands, and also the most power of any player we could pick at his position, or just about any other position," Saban said.


Darkmistress made a photoshop of Brown in a Phin uni. Here it is:

That One's SICK!! Thanks Man!! Keep The Thread Alive POST SOME PICS DOLFANS!!!
Benson may rush for more yds, but Brown will have more combined yardage.
Fins 34 said:
Benson may rush for more yds, but Brown will have more combined yardage.
:yes: that is correct.... oh and keep those pics comin, they're great.
great link... check out matt roth's video too, he's a beast.
Guys I am excited about Brown. I am sceptical, but I am hoping I am wrong. I have some real concerns about the guy and I am on record as saying I thought Benson was the better choice. So I have to say Benson will have more yards.

But I am hoping for the best!

Go Ronnie!
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