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Rookie Salary


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Nov 17, 2004
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Hey quick question? Does anyone know how much anundrafted rookie makes while in camp? or if they sign? any type of bonuses? how much if your on the practice squad? Just curious got a couple of buddies signed.
I don't think any undrafted players get bonuses. They probably make the league minimum. I could be wrong though.
I think rookie minimum is $230,000. Bonuses are anything agreed upon. As far as how they get paid, I know that if you have no bonus and get cut...the buck stops there. As for players offered a free agent rookie contract, I'm not sure if they even get a paycheck until they make the final roster or practice squad. Bonuses get paid immediately according to how they are divided up...but I'm not sure what a league minimum, no bonus person does for paychecks until they make a squad and complete a game.
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