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Rose Bowl Bound Baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Sep 4, 2001
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HEY HEY HEY!!!!! CANES ALL THE WAY!! We did it, I almost can't believe it. What a great and close game. Flyin 11, that was a tough loss for you guys, got a hell of a team in Virginia. Goin' back to Cali, baby! Time to see who play's em, the Gators or Texas. I'm so pumped up I'm hoarse from screamin',:cool: . Oh my God this is the absolute greatest. Extra thanks to Squirrel for backin me through the season. You're the best:cool: Cheers to everybody!:D :D

Canes are goin to the Rose Bowl and the GATORS LOST!! I hate the Gators so much and I am happy that they won't be seeing roses. I think we will play Texas, I think if they beat Colorado they will deserve to go the most, but we will beat them.
Originally posted by Jaydog57
Flyin 11, that was a tough loss for you guys, got a hell of a team in Virginia.

They are ok...Miss Vick but they did pretty good this year. I think that loss to Syracuse totally took the momentum and focus out of them. I'm glad the Canes won...That way you guys wouldn't be pissed off at me :( Either way..It's all good...cause you guys have a GREAT team and will play for the championship...and VT is still in the Gator Bowl against FSU and I can watch both teams during the holidays! :D I didn't want to see Miami get it's first loss and not get in...They are very worthy of being #1 and deserve to be there! Congrats guys and keep that AMAZING :eek: D rollin! ;)

i've been hearing how many times all of you guys get to go to dolphin games. GUESS WHAT? i live about 40 mi from the rose bowl! :D
Texas is OUT OF IT. We are either gonna play Tennessee, if they win next week, if they lose then Colorado/Nebraska. Which ever the computer likes more.
It won't be Colorado/Nebraska if Tennesee loses. Colorado has 2 losses, and Nebraska didn't even win their own conference. If Tennesee loses, Oregon will go to the Rose Bowl.

Well, just to rub it in everyones faces... :lol: My family (Dad, Mom, 2 cousins, 2 aunts, 2 uncles, and grandma and grandpa) all have tickets to some place in California. I'm not sure where they said... I donno... somethin like Pasadena or something. Whatever... :lol:

Since we are season ticket holders, we get tickets to the ROSE BOWL. YAHOOOOO YAHOOOOOOO


Man, Monday will be SOOO much fun... there are so many Gaytor fans there.... LMAO

:monkey: Non-believers
:monkey: Gaytors
:monkey: FSU

:monkey: All other teams that don't like the Hurricanes... lol

it might be fun to rub it in a little, but i guarantee you the rose parade and rose bowl are better on TV. i've been to the parade once and i'll never go again. i've been to the rose bowl game twice and usually there are over 102,000 people and parking is a zoo.
also if you have to go to the bathroom, it takes from 1/2 to an hour waiting in line. and the seats..................., now i know what a sardine feels like!
by the way, Pasadena is the location of the parade and rose bowl! :)
Congrats guys!!! It was the first Canes game I ever watched. Good Job and good luck!!
its just not the same......

about the only college game i can sit thru an entire 60 min, is the canes. they play an exciting game, winning or losing. thank god, most of the time its winning. :D
IceBlizzard, I take it you dont watch college football very closely. It has already been said that if Tennessee loses, which they probably wont, then Nebraska or Colorado will play in the Rose Bowl. An argument can be made for each, but Oregon hasnt beat anyone.
Yep...It's a possibility...That's what they said on ESPN and the news last night..It's in Tennesee's hands now..They control THEIR own destiny...If they lose then Nebraska could sneek in if they get enough votes I guess but if Tennesee wins then they are in...
I watch college football very closely and it is a shame that Nebraska will probably go if Tennesee loses. They got murdered by Colorado. They didn't win their conference. I think Oregon should go above Nebraska and also Colorado because the Buffaloes have 2 losses and have been boosted way up in the polls because of a late season surge. I also think undeafeated BYU should at least go to a BCS game, but they won't because the BCS tend to only want teams in the big 6 conferences.
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